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christians in TurkeyDear Brothers and Sisters in-the-Lord Jesus Christ

We are a very small group of Turkish (one of the unreached nation in the world) believers who were chosen by God and heard His glorious invitation to Salvation in a Country where Christianity first spread and includes the Seven Churches of the book of Revelation.

After many prayers, and trials and tribulations God has made it clear that our mission was to spread His Good News Via Internet and not only that but also let His children to have any means of learning materials. God has blessed us and every year our ministry has grown. In this website you can see our websites we maintain and our statistics of people who takes advantage of what we have to offer them.

We are not serving under any specific mission groups yet we do have couple of elders in the field that we are accountable.

We have been the tent makers. As God has been blessing us with the growth and new aims for our mission we believed we need to let other believers to learn about us and pray for us so we can see our Lord Christ’s plans for us more clearly and be safe from the attacks from the enemy. With the grace of God we claim to have the biggest Turkish outreach via internet.

As we grow and start new ways of reaching out, our need of support through prayers and financial needs also grew. Please take a look at what our heavenly Father has been doing through our mission, and pray for us. Not once not twice..

We need your prayers daily to stand against the enemy in a land which has been claimed for centuries by the enemy and tell him it is time to give up for the glory of the Almighty. Help us claim Asia Minor back!

May God bless you and your prayers. May God gives you the glimpse of His plan for our beloved country, Turkey through our mission. We need you to stand by us so we can stand tall for His glory!



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